’Cause of my postcode, I’ve been living under level four for so long that when I come across a meme featuring Chuck Tingle’s bizzarro-erotica short story, Slammed in the Butthole by my Concept of Linear Time as relevant to our current situation I laugh, but in a small part of my mind, it is also disturbingly relatable.

My whole life is house. I feel like a housecat, like my housecats, who I allow supervised visits to the back garden. I am allowed one (1) walk outside my house per day. I take the same path that goes through the dog…

I’m falling into a weird financial place during the isolation/lockdown of the past few months. I’m not rolling in $$$, but I’m not in a desperate or vulnerable position either. I’m just hovering around the middle, getting by, my bank account dipping and peaking. Sometimes I’m below zero. Sometimes I’ve got a bit to spare.

My income was up and down before COVID-19. …

A to-do list full of random tasks, some crossed out, some not, written in terrible handwriting.

Interesting observations on my work style gleaned from the past week:

I’m doing some (non-shift) freelance work and using Clockify to track the time spent. I’ve noticed some really fascinating things about the way I work as a neuroatypical person (ADHD.)

I’ve never, ever been able to fit with a normal, 9–5 job. It’s why I’ve worked all those weird jobs for so long. I honestly thought there was something wrong with me, that I was a shitty worker, but at the same time, I KNEW I wasn’t. I KNOW I am a hard worker.

Looking at my Clockify data…

Marlee Jane Ward

Award-winning author of The Orphancorp series — http://bit.ly/37SVqea. ADHD. Optimistic Realist. Apocalyptic trash witch. Your fabulous goth aunt. She/her.

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